Other Writings

Excerpt from “CONCEALED”
Chapter entitled: Shepherd in Queens.
Published in Fig Tree Lit.

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Esther Amini’s Movie Review of: Chariots of Fire in FIG TREE LIT.
APRIL 2023: ISSUE #41
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May 1st, 2023

Esther Amini’s Book Review of: “The Marriage Box” by Corie Adjmi

for The Jewish Book Council

October 2022

Esther Amini reviews David Hirshberg’s novel, “Jacobo’s Rainbow”
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July 2022
Esther Amini reviews Minou Soumekh Michlin’s memoir: “I Kept Walking.”

June 2022

Excerpt from “CONCEALED” in Fig Tree Lit, the newsletter of Fig Tree Books:

January 2022
Esther Amini reviews: “A Beginner’s Guide to America” by Roya Hakakian,
for the Jewish Book Council
“Writing a Memoir Awakens the Voice of Iran” by Esther Amini
Published in Medium.com   
BENEATH THE SURFACE”—  By Esther Amini is included in ZIBBY OWENS’ Anthology:
“Sheltering with Ghosts”—by Esther Amini is included in  ZIBBY OWENS’ Anthology: “MOMS DON’T HAVE TIME TO”
Now available as an AudioBook ——and read beautifully by Zibby Owens

The Paper Brigade Daily

“Lost in Translation.” An essay by Esther Amini

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“In My Persian Immigrant Family…How My Brother Mothered Me”


Now streaming “AM-REE-KAH,” an excerpt from: “Concealed”

Beginning September 1, 2020

Zibby Owens' "We Found Time to Read"

“Sheltering with Ghosts”

Female First

“Nine things I didn’t know about writing a book—until I wrote one”

Frolic Media

“An Iranian Mom Thumps in my Chest.”

Boukharian Shepherd

An excerpt from “Concealed.”

A Closet Full of Oscars

Staging a wily coup at the house of a legendary designer, her mother finally found fashion freedom.

Under the Covers

When Her Father Won’t Let Her Go to College

Iranian Taarof

I give you the best of what I have. I’ve saved it all for you—my welcomed guest.

Last Word: Breaking Away

In 1967, Barnard mailed me an acceptance letter. Tears washed my cheeks as I pirouetted across the living room.

Podcast: A Persian-American Thanksgiving

How Thanksgiving became Holy for one Iranian Jewish Woman and her family.

Giving Voice

 To escape persecution and even death, my parents posed as Muslims while living in Mashhad, Iran, in the 1940s.

Food & Memory

Esther contributes a recipe that came from her Jewish-Iranian mother who was born and raised in the city of Mashhad.

Stories adapted for stage by The Braid, (a.k.a. Jewish Women’s Theatre)

“Barnard College”
“Persian Thanksgiving- Saffron Rice and Cranberry Sauce”—- both performed in the JWT show entitled:
Saffron and Rosewater

“Oscar de la Renta and Mom”—-performed in the JWT show entitled:
Unknown Stories Of Biblical Proportions

“Kicking High and Hard”—-performed in the JWT show entitled:

“Iranian Tar-rof”—performed in the JWT show entitled:
The Matzo Ball Diaries

“Am-ree-kah”——–performed in the JWT show entitled:
Crossing Our Red Sea

“Am-ree-kah”— — — performed in the JWT show entitled:
I Loved Jew, I Loved Jew Not

“My Iranian Father”——performed in the JWT show entitled:
Persian Sunrise, American Sunset

“Kicking High and Hard”—performed by The Braid in the show entitled:
Yearning to Breathe Free